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It's getting close ... we heard it on the radio

Updated: May 14, 2020

.. and if your house is anything like ours, you're going to have to wrench the tennis balls out of the mouth of some dog or other because that's all we've been able to do with tennis balls for months!

Hi again everyone .. We hope that you and all your family are still keeping well through this long social isolation. To anyone that has family or friends affected, our hearts are with you.

To all those that are front-line workers .. thank you so much for everything you're doing, every risk you're taking and every sacrifice you're making. Thank you!

To all the rest of us, I know we all likely look like early Andy Murray now because we haven't seen a hair professional since Feb or March .. what? no? ... just me !??!

But reopening of the courts is getting closer, we can all feel it. The premier announced today that non-contact sports like tennis can re-open. (Yea!!)

We still have to wait for word from the city and removal of the padlocks on our gates, but we are working to prepare guidelines and procedures for how we will have to operate.

As soon as we can announce that the club can operate, we'll send email notice and post again here. We'll follow with news on when membership renewal and new membership sales can commence.

In the meantime, some of the jurisdictions that are ahead of us on opening have prepared some material that you might find useful. Check the USTA page here for some of these.

Stay strong .. stay tuned .. wash your hands.

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1 comentario

David Orde
David Orde
20 may 2020

Quick update: we've taken meetings with the City as they are formulating their protocols for how clubs like ours must operate. They've committed to have any requirements to us by the end of this week and we're targeting to open as soon as we've complied with the requirements.

I know we're all itching to play, but thanks for being patient just a bit longer!

Me gusta
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