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Stay at Home .. but tennis is allowed

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

As strange as that sounds, it's where we are right now.

As the third wave hits us and hospitals are getting overwhelmed, the Province has imposed a new Emergency Stay At Home order. Very little other than groceries, medicines and essential services are allowed to be open.

But vaccines are rolling out to many people with those turning 60 this year, now allowed to book for public health clinics. Those 50 and older are now allowed to sign up for Pharmacy delivered vaccines. Have you gotten yours?

Thankfully for all of us, outdoor exercise is encouraged and tennis can be a safe way to get that exercise.

Here's where things stand at the Dundas Tennis club:

  • Online court bookings must record all players (for contact tracing)

  • Singles play only, 2 persons per court

  • Guests are not permitted at this time

  • No clubhouse or washroom access is allowed

  • Covid social distancing must be maintained at all times

  • Screening for contact, travel and exposure is required at gates ​

  • Masks are required while moving to and from courts

Membership renewal (for 2020 & 2019 members) will open April 10. Signup for new members will open April 24.

Stay distant, stay safe!

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1 Comment

Dundas Tennis Club
Dundas Tennis Club
Apr 12, 2021

Sorry everyone! The city came back to us last week and clarified that it’s SINGLES PLAY ONLY.

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