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We can do it .. we're almost there!

** The courts are open! Members are playing **

And .. Vaccines are rolling out and the warm weather is teasing us. It's so tempting for us all to just get out there and forget about lock-downs and forget about winter! But now we have to worry about variants that the experts tell us are much (much) more infectious. So the race is on for us all to get our vaccines before the third wave overwhelms us.

And, for those of us that can recall warm March weather like this in past years, we know .. there's always another dump of snow coming in April.

Here's where things stand at the club:

  • 3 courts are open, 2 more open shortly

  • Doubles tennis is now possible

  • Guests are not permitted at this time

  • Covid social distancing must be maintained at all times.

  • The club will have space for a limited number of new members within the limit of 450 adult members

  • The status of leagues and programs are not yet known as the Province has not lifted the "Red Zone" designation for Hamilton. Stay tuned to the blog for news on this topic as soon we can make it available.

  • Signup for new members will open April 24

If you're looking for more information, please check here first and email us if needed.

Contact us via the links or email here.

Stay distant, stay safe .. hope to see you on the courts!

(I borrowed this pic of tennis racquet and masks from here. Contact them if you'd like to acquire :-)

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