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Full play (singles and doubles) returns to Dundas

As we continue to emerge from the COVID lockdown, more and more of our normal activities are allowed again. Your Dundas Tennis Club has been remerging as safely as we possibly can and yesterday, doubles tennis was the latest and highly anticipated return!

Members are coming out to enjoy the weather, the social (but properly distanced) interaction and the exercise. Although courts are being booked, there are still times during the day when you can find an open slot.

(Each bar here represents the percentage that hour was booked, from 7:00am through to 11pm, during the week ending Jun 24)

We're still waiting for the Ontario/Hamilton phase 3 to be able to once again welcome guests. Until then, if you're feeling the urge to play and haven't yet become a member, please see all the details you need on the webpages and in the 2020 Blog posts.

Please keep in mind that until the virus has been eliminated, we have to maintain our safe protocols. A sobering reminder: the mens tennis #1 in the world and his wife are now isolating due to positive tests.

Until then, keep brushing over the ball, wash your hands often and practice the 'air-five", aka, waving :-)

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